Yi Zhang 张 懿


About me

I'm a 3rd-year Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins University, advised by Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Alan Yuille. I received my B.E. from Tsinghua University. Here is my CV and Google Scholar.



UnrealStereo UnrealStereo codes and pre-compiled binaries


DASZL: Dynamic Action Signatures for Zero-shot Learning
Tae Soo Kim*, Jonathan Jones*, Michael Peven*, Zihao Xiao, Jin Bai, Yi Zhang, Weichao Qiu, Alan Yuille and Gregory D. Hager
In AAAI 2021

Synthesize then Compare: Detecting Failures and Anomalies for Semantic Segmentation
Yingda Xia*, Yi Zhang*, Fengze Liu, Wei Shen, and Alan Yuille
In ECCV 2020 (Oral)
[arXiv] [GitHub]

RSA: Randomized Simulation as Augmentation for Robust Human Action Recognition
Yi Zhang, Xinyue Wei, Weichao Qiu, Zihao Xiao, Gregory D. Hager, and Alan Yuille
In arXiv preprint, 2019

UnrealStereo: Controlling Hazardous Factors to Analyze Stereo Vision
Yi Zhang, Weichao Qiu, Qi Chen, Xiaolin Hu, and Alan Yuille
In 3DV 2018 (Oral)
[pdf] [Project] [GitHub]

SampleAhead: Online Classifier-Sampler Communication for Learning from Synthesized Data
Qi Chen, Weichao Qiu, Yi Zhang, Lingxi Xie and Alan L. Yuille
In BMVC 2018 (Oral)

UnrealCV: Virtual Worlds for Computer Vision
Weichao Qiu, Fangwei Zhong, Yi Zhang, Siyuan Qiao,Zihao Xiao, Tae Soo Kim, Yizhou Wang, Alan Yuille
In ACM Multimedia Open Source Software Competition, 2017
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